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There is a division of the Home Economics Institute of Australia in each of the states and territories in Australia.

The members of a division are those members of the Institute who normally reside in that state or territory. Overseas members are invited to nominate the division to which they would like to be attached.

At the request of a division, Council may establish regional branches. Each division, through its Committee of Management, manages its own affairs to reflect the objects of the Institute.

Activities conducted by divisions include production of newsletters with local state or territory news and events, seminars, state conferences, workshops and other professional development projects. Each Division reflects the views of its members, and responds to various reports and legislation, which affect home economics, and also prepares submissions for funding professional development and community projects.

Divisional contacts

Australian Capital Territory

President: Janelle Maas
ABN 68 181 895 976
PO Box 414
Mawson ACT 2607
Email: heiaact@heia.com.au
Website: www.heia.com.au/heiaact

New South Wales

President: Susannah Williams
ABN 48 549 669 167
PO Box 3340
Rhodes NSW 2138
Email: heiansw@heia.com.au
Website: www.heiansw.com.au

Northern Territory

President: Penny McIntyre
ABN 63 247 635 149
PO Box 41569
Casuarina NT 0811
Email: heiant@heia.com.au
Website: www.heiant.com.au


President: Rosie Sciacca
HEIA(Qld) Inc.
ABN 38 336 138 850
PO Box 581
Hamilton Central QLD 4007
Email: heiaq@heia.com.au
Website: www.heiaq.com.au

South Australia

President: Sarah Hockey
ABN 86 993 863 921
PO Box 480
Park Holme SA 5043
Email: heiasa@heia.com.au
Website: www.heiasa.com.au


President: Committee of Management
HEIA(Tas) Inc.
ABN 86 595 165 332
PO Box 165
Launceston TAS 7250
Email: info@heiatas.com.au
Website: www.heiatas.com.au


President: Robert Ford
HEIA(V) Inc.
ABN 32 863 421 953
PO Box 3340
Rhodes NSW 2138
Email: heiav@heia.com.au
Website: www.heia.com.au/heiav

Western Australia

President: Lyn Dymond
ABN 39 106 324 493
PO Box 196
Subiaco WA 6904
Email: heiawa@heia.com.au
Website: http://heiawa.com

Each division receives capitation fees, which are paid from the national account back to each division. The amount of capitation is 30 per cent for Full, Not In Paid Employment, Student and Overseas memberships and 66 per cent for School memberships. Further details and information regarding how you can get involved in your division's activities can be obtained from the divisional website of the state or territory in which you reside.

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