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2017 National conference - Home Economics without Borders

Site visits

A. Duck demonstration cooking class

Adam McKay, Luv-a-duck

Duck demonstration cooking class

Let Luv-a-duck’s trained chefs show you how easy it is to cook a whole duck, duck breasts and duck legs along with a host of easy duck dishes including the secrets to the perfect roast duck and duck-fat-roasted potatoes. Prepare for plenty of duck tastings throughout the class. Take home all the recipes and impress your family and friends.

B. A change of clothes

Jane Milburn, Textiles Beat

Stay engaged in the making process and transform existing clothing by joining the conversation about a different style of making with a show-and-tell by upcycler Jane Milburn. You might want to bring along a garment you are keeping yet not wearing in its existing form and look at some upcycling options. Alternatively, bring several scarves you aren’t wearing and transform them into something else, or a t-shirt to transform into eco-products.

C. Simplot

Kay Cafarella, Simplot

Come along and tour the state-of-the art culinary centre at Simplot, the home of Australia's favourite iconic food brands such as Birds Eye, Leggo's, Chiko, Edgell, John West and Lean Cuisine. Learn how products are conceptualised, developed, tested and produced and observe and experience sensory evaluation, recipe development, cooking demonstration and food styling. Plus meet the Simplot in-house team of chefs and culinary technologists.

D. In the garden with Mark Dymiotis

Mark Dymiotis

Mark Dymiotis

Join passionate promoter of the traditional Greek diet, Mark Dymiotis, who will open his garden to show how organic produce is grown and explain, for example, how he makes traditional bread in his outdoor oven, makes wine with natural fermentation and uses wild greens from his garden extensively. Explore Mark’s garden, which has been featured by the major TV stations and visited by more than 6000 people through the Australian Open Garden Scheme, and participate in the making and tasting of a traditional Greek salad while Mark discusses the importance of vegetables (with a focus on olives, olive oil and salads) as well as bread as a part of the everyday diet.

E. Portable Iron Houses

Portable Iron Houses

Take the unique opportunity to explore three original kit homes, The three Portable Iron Houses in South Melbourne are among the few pre-fabricated iron buildings remaining in the World. During the gold rush thousands of portable buildings were imported from Britain—shops, houses, churches and even a hospital and an iron theatre, all ordered from a catalogue.

F. National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) International

National Gallery of Victoria

View Australian and international works of art from the NGV International Collection in the Gallery’s Fashion and Textiles study room. These are specialised and focused sessions where up to ten works of art may be selected for viewing. This will be followed by a self-guided tour of either the ‘Italian Jewels—Bulgari Style’ exhibition and/or ‘Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists’ exhibition. The Bulgari exhibition features exquisite jewels from the personal collections of Elizabeth Taylor and Gina Lollobrigida whilst Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists explores wearable art by two artists who have gained critical acclaim for their rebellious approach to design.

G. Fabric designing without limits: Simple, safe, and sustainable

Anne Mitchell, Genesis Creations


Create simply stunning fabrics in this comprehensive hands-on workshop that will develop will explore a wide range of techniques to prepare one-colour and multi-colour samples to inspire individuality—heliography (sun dyeing), air exclusion, resists, marbles and poles to name a few. Such fun, and immediately transferable to either personal creative lives or to the classroom. A handbook of support notes and all fabrics and equipment will be supplied. Nothing to bring except a pen and an active mind.

H. Makerspaces

Wendy Macpherson, Department of Education and Training Victoria


Want to find out more about ‘hard fun’ and the makerspace phenomenon? Have a go at creating some wearable technology, using circuit scribe pens or augmenting garments and other textiles with LEDs. Learn ways to use makerspaces and the range of resources available—this site visit will definitely be ‘hard fun’.

I. Prahran Market Hidden Gems Tour

Love good food? Want to know what the latest or greatest is? Then take this tour to find out the latest and greatest new food products, where to find them and how to prepare them. The tour has been especially designed for conference delegates, with attention being given to issues such as sustainability, what is trending in food and what to do with some of those ‘difficult’ foods!

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