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Past webinars

ICT in the home economics classroom

This webinar provided teachers with a range of ideas for using ICT in the classroom. The session focused on ways to use Excel spreadsheets to gather data for a range of sensory evaluation activities. In addition, participants were provided with other ideas for simple and easy-to-use resources for the home economics classroom such as apps, software or web 2.0 tools, with specific links to teaching and learning activities for home economics. The webinar was designed for teachers to take ideas away to use in their own classrooms.

This webinar, held on Monday 22 October 2018, was presented by Leanne Compton, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and Rachel Crellin, Department of Education, Victoria.

To view a recording of the webinar please visit:

Rachel's presentation slide are available here.
Leanne's presentation slides are available here.

Additional links:
iPads for Learning
Food Specialisation

Refresh.ED food and nutrition resource for the classroom


The importance of nutrition education is documented in the Australian Curriculum, with recommendations for integrated teaching across learning areas. This webinar will explore opportunities to integrate teaching nutrition in Home Economics with teaching in other learning areas, using examples from Refresh.ED online food and nutrition curriculum materials.


This webinar, held on 24 July, was presented by Margaret Miller, Edith Cowan University, Perth, who was part of the team that developed the Refresh.ED resource.


To view a recording of the Refresh.ED webinar please visit:


Wool4School Student Design Competition

This webinar was held on Wednesday 14 March 2018. Katrina Wheaton-Penniall provided an overview of the exciting Wool4School design competition, and provided an insight into how to implement it into the classroom easily. She also provided valuable information on how to get started, what resources are available, an overview of the four lesson plans, along with direct links to the Australian Curriculum.


To view a recording of the Wool4School webinar please visit:


HEIA/McCormick Flavour Forecast Recipe Challenge

The HEIA and McCormick Flavour Forecast Recipe Challenge is a real-life design challenge that addresses the Home Economics curriculum. This year, on Tuesday 8 May, we offered a free webinar to provide some additional hints and tips for a successful submission.

Throughout the webinar, participants heard from a teacher who has successfully entered and engaged their Year 9 and Year 10 students in the challenge: the planning involved; scheduling lessons around the challenge; top 5 tips for a successful entry. Participants also heard what judges are looking for in the entries received, and a representative from McCormick briefly outlined the Flavour Forecast trends.

To view a recording of the Flavour Forecast Recipe Challenge webinar please visit:


The presentation slides are available here.

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