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2015 recordings

Dietary Guidelines: Implications for Home Ec.
HEIA was fortunate to have Professor Amanda Lee from Queensland University of Technology present on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Amanda's presentation covered the development of the guidelines, the main changes since the last edition, topical aspects and key areas where our current food intake strays from the Dietary Guidelines.

Amanda's presentation is available for viewing.

Home economics literacy model: a vision for the future of home economics in schools
HEIA was fortunate to have Professor Donna Pendergast from Griffith University provide details about home economics literacy as a model for representing home economics in schools. Donna's presentation provided information from home economics icons on how the profession currently positions itself and whether this enables action concerning consumer, family and wellbeing; the foundation of home economics in schools.

Donna's presentation available for viewing.

Food literacy webinar
This webinar was presented by Professor Tony Worsley, Deakin University. There is no recording published online.

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