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World Home Economics Day 2017

2017 Home economics literacy: Empowering for healthy and sustainable Lifestyles
The International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) advocates for individuals, families and communities to achieve universal health coverage, empowerment and well-being, to utilise transformative practices, in order to facilitate sustainable futures. IFHE promotes and supports Home Economics education and literacy in the local and global context.

Achievements of Home Economics Education
Children, mothers, parents and household members, who learned about the risks and context as well as the rules, measures or recommendations for health prevention in the different household areas are able to avoid many diseases. Home Economics education in general education supports many of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goal 3 “Health and Well-being”.
Food security and nutrition, hygiene including water and sanitation, textiles, housing, household technology are key subjects of Home Economics education and focus on health competences along with resource management including finance management and social security.

Home Economics in Daily Life supports Health
Home Economics professionals are key persons for the well-being of people, who are not able to take care for themselves because of their age, disabilities or health situation. They are educated to promote health and healthy lifestyles.

Household leaders, mostly women, take care to ensure that the basic needs of their family or the household members are met. Based on role models of their mothers or learning by doing they manage their resources to improve the well-being of the household members. Household leaders with Home Economics competences do have more knowledge and skills to avoid health risks and to promote health. But in many countries the social, environmental or economic and legal framework conditions for households are not conducive so households have to struggle with health risks.

For more information about Home Economics and Health Literacy see the IFHE Statement “Ensure Healthy Lives and promote Well-Being for All at all Ages” on the following website: https://www.ifhe.org/1095/
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