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Home economics is an interdisciplinary field of study, having as its focus the wellbeing of people in everyday living in households and families. As the peak professional body for home economists in Australia, the Home Economics Institute of Australia represents the interests of home economists working in education industry, community health, consumer affairs, and family and household management.

Key aspects of the work of home economists are to:

Home economics and public health

Public health is the organised response by society to protect and promote health, and to prevent illness, injury and disability. More specifically, the field of public health is concerned with devising, implementing and evaluating interventions rather than the provision of services. The focus may be the population as a whole, or population sub-groups.

The field of public health has close ties with home economics, where the interest is the wellbeing and quality of life of families and individuals.

The following resources may be useful:

National Preventative Health Strategy
The Strategy, released in July 2009, provides a blueprint for tackling the burden of chronic disease currently caused by obesity, tobacco, and excessive consumption of alcohol. It is directed at primary prevention and addresses all relevant arms of policy and all available points of leverage, in both the health and non-health sectors.

NSW Public Health Bulletin
The bulletin provides information on major public health issues in NSW.

Public Health Bulletin South Australia
The bulletin provides an avenue for the discussion of primary prevention and population health strategies and a forum for debate on public health policies and issues.

Nutrient reference values
A set of recommendations for nutritional intake in Australia

Dietary Guidelines for Australians
The Dietary Guidelines provide information for health professionals and the general population about healthy food choices. The Dietary Guidelines are designed to meet the NRVs.

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating: the national food selection guide.

The AGHE provides consumers, health and education professionals and the food industry with information about the amounts and types of food required each day to ensure enough of the nutrients essential for good health and wellbeing. The AGHE is designed to meet the DGs.

Public Health Association of Australia

Public Health South Australia

Australian Health Promotion Association

The mission of the Australian Health Promotion Association is to provide knowledge, resources and perspectives needed to improve health promotion research and practice.

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