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Membership to HEIA is available in different categories.

Categories of membership

Full membership

(this would be a link to the fields as would all bolded and underlined below) necessitates a home economics qualification at Certificate IV or higher.

Associate membership

necessitates study in home economics or related area at a level less than Certificate IV and/or work in an area of home economics.

Not-in-paid employment (NIPE)
Student membership (with journal)

is for full-time students who wish to receive the HEIA journal.

Student (without journal)

is for full-time students who do not wish to receive the HEIA journal.

Overseas membership

overseas members are affiliated to a Division of their choice.

School group membership

entitles any one primary, secondary school or college or TAFE campus to nominate up to six (6) members of that school or college to be included in its membership of HEIA. Nominees need either a qualification in home economics, or to work in a home economics related area such as health, technology or studies of society, or have interests and/or expertise such that their membership is seen to benefit the Institute. All members of a school membership are able to take advantage of benefits offered by HEIA. Schools receive only one copy of the journal and other publications.

International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE)

fees may be payable through HEIA.

Discounts available for two- and five-year memberships of HEIA.

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